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Shaina, our founder and director, brings her background in photography to the artistry of Stumpys Bunches. Each floral arrangement is meticulously crafted, incorporating a creative level of detail and structure, with Shaina's keen awareness that these designs will be captured exquisitely.

Shaina Glenny, owner of Stumpys Bunches

a brief history


Shaina moves from Perth to Melbourne at the ripe age of 18

2005 - 2012

In her early twenties, Shaina found herself bouncing around management roles in retail while traipsing the weekend away at gigs, Cherry Bar, Ding Dong, Pony and the Rochy (RIP Youth.) During this time, Shaina would photograph live gigs for music publications such as Beat Magazine and Deadbeat (QLD) and hence, Stumpys Creative was born.

2012 - 2021

Shaina found her way into the ragtrade beginning in supply chain and working her way through to clothing production. In the later part of this career, she was the Operations Manager for a number of start up businesses whilst on weekends, Shaina was a wedding and, creative photographer.

2022 - now

Tired of making money for other people, Shaina finally decided to apply all of her experience into things she actually loved doing. The wedding photography market was saturated and still recovering from lockdown so Shaina turned her eye to florals. Not expecting Stumpys Bunches to take off so quickly, Shaina realised that perhaps she had a knack for this thing called Floral Styling! 

Now, Shaina's days are filled looking after her three businesses, commercial and fine art photography at Stumpys Creative, vintage clothing at Stumpys Vintage and, her favourite venture by far, Stumpys Bunches. 

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